The elderly folks in our communities have so much to offer. Their wisdom and conversation alone can provide younger generations with advice and entertainment to pass on when they reach a mature age. We should always look out for the older people in our neighborhoods.

Thanks to the generous folks in one older woman’s community, she is now free of the mess and trash that took over her property.

Agnes is a 90-year-old widow who lives alone. The dear lady desperately needed help cleaning up her yard, shed, and home. A callous relative of Agnes’ inconsiderately used the widow’s property as a dumping ground for their trash and debris. The clutter grew enormous, filling up Agnes’ space with rusted and rotting junk.

Agnes’ neighbors complained and the city threatened the widow: if Agnes didn’t clean up her property, she would be required to pay the city $2,500 for every day the junk was still in her yard.

Agnes couldn’t remove the chaos herself. She could barely walk and she had no one to turn to for help. The degradation had spread from Agnes’s yard to her home. The poor lady lived in a place with no air conditioner and a roof that was falling apart. Worse still, animals and rodents freely came inside and made the woman’s home theirs.

Helpless and without much hope, Agnes turned to Operation Blessing (OB), an organization “dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.” OB provides disaster relief, health and medical care and assistance, hunger relief, care for vulnerable orphans and children, and community development.

This was exactly what Agnes needed – someone to come to her home and remove the junk from her property. Operation Blessing answered Agnes wish. Volunteers and total strangers tore down the dilapidated shed and removed the trailer from her property. 

Agnes was so grateful to Operation Blessing for helping her out, but when she went outside to observe the new changes to her yard, she found something unexpected.

Along with the volunteers from Operation Blessing were countless other strangers. It turned out that OB had called for backup from the community, and Agnes’s community answered.

We’re so happy that Agnes doesn’t have the threat from the city hanging over her head anymore. Thanks to Operation Blessing, the dear lady’s home and yard are free of debris and junk.

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