When Liel Ainmar Assayag got pregnant, she noticed that Panda, a tuxedo cat she had adopted, started to do something a little strange. Whenever Liel was sitting or laying down, Panda would lay her head on her belly, trying to get as close to the baby as possible.

While Liel loved the snuggles she and Panda were having, she was a little worried about how Panda would react after the baby was born, thinking she might get jealous or territorial.

She shouldn’t have been worried. While Panda seemed a little confused at first when she met baby Sean, as soon as she smelled his skin she realized that this was the little human she had been waiting for.

Now Panda has taken it upon herself to be Sean’s guardian. Whenever Liel is holding the baby, Panda wants to cuddle the same way she did when Sean was still inside his mother’s belly. And while Panda isn’t allowed in Sean’s crib, she keeps a careful lookout from a nearby bed.

“I saw people giving up on their pets once there is a baby in the family, because they’re afraid the pet will hurt the baby,” Liel said. “I wish people will stop doing that! Cats and dogs are great companions for kids, and they can learn so much from them.”

Liel hopes that Panda and Sean’s special friendship will inspire others to adopt and keep their pets too.

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