This kitty with two legs can do more than you’d think. And before you feel bad for him, don’t – this cute cat is too busy living and loving life to stand for your pity!

This is Able, a rescue kitty who has no front legs, so he makes do by jumping around like a kangaroo.

“The first time I saw Able, I felt such energy and inspiration to live my life,” said Able’s keeper, 49-year-old Walai Sriboonvorakul.

And Able’s story is definitely inspirational.

When Able was only 1-year-old, he was trying to catch a bird on the roof, as most cats like to do. However, he accidentally fell on a loose wire and nearly died from being electrocuted. As a result, he lost his tail and front legs.

However, Walai’s generosity saved Able. She rescued him from living a miserable life as a disabled cat on the streets of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

She nursed Able back to health, and two years later, he has made a full recovery.

”We called him ‘Able’ because he can do everything just like the other animals.”

Indeed, Able doesn’t seem to notice his handicap. He’s a lively and active cat who goes about like any other four-legged cat out there, such as climbing the stairs, chasing other cats, or jumping to impressive heights.

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