When Andrea Grant was just 9, she survived a gas explosion that left third-degree burns over 85% of her body. Now, at age 24, she’s blossomed into a motivational speaker who wears her scars with pride.

She also founded Beyond Scars, a foundation aimed at lifting up other burn survivors. She speaks out about self-esteem, confidence, and perseverance.

Doctors had told her that her scars meant she couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term. But 37 weeks into her second pregnancy, she’s proved them wrong and is celebrated with a gorgeous photo shoot.

“This time around I knew I wouldn’t have any problem expanding, I knew all I had to do was apply oils and deal with the pulling and stretching,” she told BuzzFeed News.

She shared the photos on her Instagram page and they now have thousands of likes.

“I wanted to share this pregnancy with [other] survivors, so I said at the end I’ll do a photoshoot, not thinking the photos would go viral,” Grant said.

“It makes me feel like God is reminding me that I am beautiful,” she added. “Even I get discouraged sometimes, so to see so many people speak so highly of me and my story makes me feel stronger.”

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