It is a usual tradition for a bride to dance with her father at her wedding reception. Unfortunately, some people can’t do this for one reason or another.

That was the case for this bride, whose father passed away a few years before her wedding. This left her family thinking of ways to incorporate something else to fill the gap of her late father.

That was when the bride’s six-year-old son came in. He decided that he wanted to be the one to dance with his mother during that time, so he created a surprise routine with his mom to show off in front of all the guests that had attended the wedding that day.

They started off slow, dancing to the song “From A Distance.” It was such a sweet moment shared by mother and son. Then they transitioned into more upbeat music and new dance moves.

After the two were finished with their routine, the DJ invited all the guests to join them on the dance floor and have a wonderful time. Surely her father was missed, but it was so sweet to see her son take on that role.

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