With all of the anti-bullying campaigns going on right now, you would think kids would be much more mindful of how their words affect those around them. Unfortunately, many kids don’t think, or they just don’t care. As much as people work to stomp the bullying problem out, we haven’t seen the end of it.

While this is disheartening, what is encouraging is seeing the ways that others step up and stand up to bullies. That’s the only way to end bullying for good – for others to refuse to tolerate it and to do something to stop it.

That is exactly what happened at this school, and a video of the incredible moment is going viral.

A teenager had been bullied at his school for his ratty tennis shoes. It seems like such a stupid and cruel thing to tease someone about, but kids can be mean.

One of his fellow classmates got tired of watching this kid get teased, so he decided to buy the boy a brand new pair of Jordans.

When he gave the shoes to the boy the teen was speechless. He asked if he wanted him to pay for the shoes, but the kind classmate insisted he wanted him to have them for free.

Someone else who happened to be near them started filming the whole interaction. In the background you can hear one girl say that she could cry after seeing this incredible act of kindness.

We just might join her!

Click below to see the inspiring moment for yourself.


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