There is nothing in the world like the love between and mother and her child. That bond begins in the womb and only grows stronger as time goes on.

For a baby, mom is the best person in the world. She’s caretaker, comforter, provider, entertainer – attuned to her baby’s every need.

A video has started to circle the internet recently that shows the special bond between a mother and child in a way that is melting hearts everywhere.

This mom from Coimbra, Portugal, was singing to her adorable baby while dad captured the moment on his camera. The look on their baby’s face as her mother sings is one of pure love and contentment.

As the caption on the video reads, “Who can resist a look of love like that?”

Millions of people all over the world have been touched by this video. Not only is it adorable, but it has reminded them of the power of the love they share with their own mothers.

“When I wondered why my love for my mother was so big, and also why she loved me so much, I couldn’t understand,” Agnaldo Agostinho Souza wrote. “But seeing this video, I think I understand how. That love is born…”

Kelsey Kisloski said watching the video reminded her of what a special role being a mother truly is.

“That smile, right at the end after she kisses him… these things make being a mother worth every bit of stress and worry!” she wrote. “No one will ever love me like my children, which is why I’ll do everything I can to raise them to be healthy, happy adults!”

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