Anytime there is a new birth in a family, the moment the baby says their first word is one of the most memorable. Mom, of course, hopes the first word is “Mama” and dad is praying that the baby will learn “Dada” before that. (When I was a child, getting my younger siblings’ first word to be “Brytney” did not seem too far-fetched!)

Regardless of what member of the family you are, those initial sounds and words are music to your ears. Children are like sponges, soaking up everything they hear in their environment. Some kids have even been guilty of spilling out words that weren’t meant for them to hear, regurgitating them without truly knowing their meaning.

Like a lot of kids, 7-month-old Leroy’s first word was “Mama.”

According to Adam, Leroy’s dad, the baby had been babbling the syllable “Ma” for quite some time, but he had never really graduated to the full word.

Eventually, he did learn to say it in its entirety, but the object of his statement had his father dying of laughter.

You see, somewhere in the word association process, things got a little mixed up for Leroy.

While it is not unusual for babies to mistake the color pink for the color red or mix up “fork” and “spoon,” they don’t usually mistake their pet for their mom. But that’s just what Leroy did!

For some reason, when he learned the word “Mama,” he thought it was the name of the family’s dog!

In the video below, we see 7-month-old Leroy in his walker, excitedly trying to make his way towards the puppy, saying, “Mama! Mama!”

It is absolutely adorable! I cannot stop laughing!

In the background, you can hear Adam chuckling at his son’s innocent confusion.

Even though his idea was a little off, I am sure mom was happy to know that “Mama” was his first word. I’m anxious to see who or what Leroy will call “Dada!”

One thing’s for sure – this video will keep this precious family laughing for years to come!

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