Temple University Hospital just recently pushed forth a new idea. That is, “Baby Boxes.” These new boxes are replacing baby mattresses and while they are $100, they are worth every penny.

Many parents after having a child, believe that it’s best for their baby to sleep on a mattress with them or on a very soft mattress so that they’re comfortable and have a better sleep, but they’re wrong.

While these ideas are great, they can actually lead to suffocation which is very common in infants.

So why the baby box Doc?

Well, the baby box is made specifically to prevent suffocation. Doctors are beginning to recommend these boxes because they’re very firm and it allows a baby to sleep on their back which is better for them at such a young age.

Parents can keep these boxes right in their room with them, instead of having them in the same bed as them.

While some mothers are completely hesitant about using a cardboard box for their child they’re structurally sound.

Temple Hospital has been giving these boxes to mothers free of charge, and that is to prevent suffocation and death of their little ones.

Check out this video and hear one mother speak about the convenience of this little box!

H/T Little Things