We can always count on our moms to be there for us when we need them most. They are the ones we turn to for advice, run to when we’re hurt or scared, and lean on when we need some extra support. Moms will do ANYTHING to make sure their babies are safe and protected.

This is not just true for humans – we see this all the time in the animal kingdom as well. This video was captured at the zoo in Bern, Switzerland when young cub Berna got stuck at the top of a tree. His mom, Bjork, started shaking the tree, hoping that would bring the cub down. When that failed, she started climbing, using her weight to bend the tree until it broke and Berna was able to scramble back to solid ground.

The video is a testament not only to how inventive and creative animals can be, but also how far a mom is willing to go for her children. As one commenter, Natalie Winklesky, said, this video shows “[o]ne of the many reasons we’re called momma bears. We’ll break a tree with our bare (or bear?) hands for our kids.”

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