There are few sounds in the world better than that of a baby laughing. There is just something so innocent and pure about the joy of a baby’ laugh that when you hear it you can’t help but smile.

When you listen to these two cuties you won’t be able to hold back your own laughter!

These 10-month-olds were sitting in their highchairs having a grand ol’ time giggling away.

That would be cute enough in itself, but what’s really incredible is that the little girl on the left is doing her best to keep the other baby laughing!

Any time his laughter slows the little natural-born comedian starts making funny faces and rocking away in her chair until she hears his big belly laugh again!

It’s amazing that even at such a young age this little girl knows how to get a laugh!

These two make quite a pair, and we’re sure they’ll provide lots of entertainment for each other and for their parents in the years to come!


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