Usually when we think of nurses we picture them doing typical medical things like taking temperatures or aiding doctors or changing bandages. But nurses are so much more than that.

As these sweet nurses at a hospital in Springfield, Illinois, show, being a good nurse is about more than just medicine. Sometimes what a patient really needs is a boost in spirits.

Three-year-old Madison has been stuck in the hospital with complications from the flu and the stay hasn’t been easy on her or her family.

The nurses decided they wanted to do something to cheer her up. Knowing how obsessed Madison is with the Hokey Pokey they decided to come into her room and do the dance with her.

Even though Madison was stuck in her bed, she danced right along with the nurses and it was clear just how much she was enjoying every second of it!

Click below to see the precious moment for yourself:

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They say laughter is the best medicine. If that’s the case we’re sure Madison will be healthy and on her way home in no time!

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