I have never been the artistic type, but I was always envious of those who were. For some reason, while I could picture something fantastic in my head, I was never quite able to transfer it to paper. Some people are just born with the gift, and the rest of us will have to settle for being impressed with their work instead of creating our own.

Madeline Skillings is one such artist. She has been creating art since she was 9 years old, but she uses a very unique medium – an Etch A Sketch. That’s right – that old-fashioned toy many of us grew up doodling on and shaking to erase is actually being used to create stunning works of art!

Madeline said she wanted to show the world the beauty that could be made by the toy, and when you see her in action you will be blown away!

The sad part is the art doesn’t last – once she’s done with a piece she shakes the toy and has a blank “canvas” to start on again. Thankfully she has captured some of her work so the rest of us can enjoy it. Check it out by clicking below.

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