In a chaotic world, an artist from the island of Öland in Sweden is bringing a sense of peace and harmony to the world with his delicate balanced rock sculpture, or Cairns.

The artist, Pontus Jansson, shares pictures and videos of his amazing work on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, capturing the fleeting moments of delicate balance for all to enjoy, an escape from daily worries.

“I have said it before that one of the best thing about stacking rocks is that you forget about everything else, it is kind of escapism from the mad world,” said Jansson on Facebook.

In his younger days, he was a graffiti and street artist, finding the motivation for such art pure, motivated only by the desire to create. Then he was inspired by rock balance, after seeing pictures on the internet.

“I look up to artist who do it out of love and not money and fame. Street art and the graffiti culture are full of talented people who are anonymous, it’s something real about that,” Jansson said in an interview.


The art takes extreme patience. Jansson can spend up to 5 hours to perfectly balance a piece, but he says he loves the process, deeply appreciating nature and stillness.

Watching him create, one can vicariously feel the serenity he experiences. His work is truly soothing to the mind and soul and just might inspire you to make your own attempt at rock balance.

See more in the videos below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube