A devastating story about a little girl and her dog has gone viral.

Jennarae Nicole Goodbar, aged 12, was tragically killed in October after chasing her dog into a busy road. But the backstory is what makes this already tragic story particularly heartbreaking.

The little girl, who was described as “sweet, energetic, dog loving, and hunting love,” longed for a dog to call her own. Her parents agreed to get her a dog as long as Jennarae raised the money for her pet’s care. The requirement, which seems just to help raise a responsible pet owner, didn’t deter Jennarae. She saved her money and when she finally got her dog, she named him the appropriate name of “Cash.”

And Jennarae was a responsible pet owner. She took good care of her pet and the child and dog quickly bonded. To Jennarae, Cash was more than a dog. He was her best friend, so much so that when he was in danger, she did not hesitate to valiantly try to save him.

In late October, Jennarae and Cash were playing outside when Cash unexpectedly ran into the road. Without hesitating, the little girl ran after her canine friend, straight into heavy traffic on Route 60. A driver, who tried to stop and was unable to, hit both Jennarae and cash, killing them instantly.

The devastated family made the decision to bury the two best friends together, a move that most agree Jennarae (and Cash) would love and appreciate.

Experts say that losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a family member. Not only did this family lose their sweet little girl, but they also lost a beloved companion.

Watch this heartbreaking video of the funeral procession. The funeral was attended by a huge crowd of heartbroken people who will never forget the bond of love between a little girl and her dog.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family cover the costs of her burial and other unexpected expenses.