Dance is something that Bree Hafen has always been passionate about, but she didn’t always have the confidence to show it to the world. But after getting married and having two kids, she has grown in her confidence and is ready to share her gift.

While she loves to dance, though, following her passion as a mother of two kids has been difficult. Bree said she often feels guilty about doing something for herself, knowing that the time she spends practicing is time away from her family.

Thankfully, her husband and children are supportive of her passion and have encouraged her to pursue it. That’s how she found herself at an audition for So You Think You Can Dance.

The 29-year-old took the stage and blew the judges away with her incredible talent as her family cheered her on from the audience. Moving her on to the next round was a no-brainer, and the judges sent both of her kids to the stage to tell her the good news.

After finding out she had advanced to the next round, Bree’s 2-year-old daughter, Stella, had a little surprise for the audience that had them on their feet cheering.

Click below to watch the adorable moment for yourself!


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