Anyone who has faced grief knows how awful and all-consuming it can be. Life becomes something to trudge through, just trying to make it through each day.

When popular actor, comedian, and writer Patton Oswalt lost his wife, Michelle McNamara, an acclaimed crime writer, earlier this year, her death came as a shock. The 46-year-old passed away suddenly in her sleep, and Oswalt’s life was suddenly plunged into darkness.

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On Monday evening Oswalt took to Facebook to compose a gut-wrenching piece in which he bared his soul and spoke about the grief that has consumed him since he lost his wife.

His words have deeply touched his followers, many of whom have said that he was able to convey through his writing exactly what they had been going through but had been unable to put into words.

Writing this post appears to have been a healing process for Oswalt – a way to process and work through what he has been dealing with – and his words will ring true and be deeply felt by anyone who has been through a similar tragic experience.

The difficult truth is that life must go on, and go on it will. Time doesn’t take away the pain, but it does help us to heal. Everything might not be okay now, but we will make it through.

Our hope is that, for any who are struggling under the heavy burden of grief now, Oswalt’s words will bring you comfort and the strength to carry on.

(Warning: Post contains language that may be offensive to some readers.)

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