here’s a saying about brothers and sisters; they’re as close as hands and feet. But for one sister and brother from China, this isn’t just a phrase; it’s a way of life.

9-year-old Dingshuang helps her brother, 12-year-old Dingfu get ready for school. Each morning, she must wash his hands and face for him and dress him; Dingfu is disabled. He was born having trouble using his arms and legs.

Both the sibling’s parents are also disabled. They worried about Dingfu and how he would get to school. His sister volunteered to carry him. She didn’t want him to be left out.

She told local reporters: ‘I will never leave him behind. I will be his walking stick forever.’

Dingshuang literally must carry her older brother on her back to the Central School of Heizhiguo County where they both attend the same class. The two are never late; they attend rain or shine, sleet or snow. Their journey to their classroom forces her to cross streets and climb stairs. She also helps him with his homework before doing her own and other household chores.

The little girl carries many burdens on her slender shoulders. At her tender age, Dingshuang has become the backbone of her family. She cooks for her brother and parents. She also feeds their pigs, washes vegetables, and handwashes the family’s clothing.

The family’s plight has touched the hearts of millions in China. Their school has offered assistance. teacher, Liu Yan says the pair were provided a dorm room after the school learned of their situation. It’s located approximately 500-meters or 1600 feet from their school. Fees for the siblings have either been reduced or canceled.

What a selfless act to do for her brother. She must really love Dingfu a great deal to care for him as she does. Since the school gave them a room, I hope Dingshuang is given some opportunity to be a kid. She’s grown up too quickly for someone so young. I hope others in the community will assist Dingshuang and dingfu’s parents. The little girl took on too much for a child her age.