We love it when people break stereotypes and refuse to be put into a box. It’s usually when you step out of your comfort zone and prove your haters wrong that life gets really fun!

That’s what the residents of Julia Wallace Retirement Village in New Zealand are doing. With this video they’re proving that age is just a number and you’re never too old to have a little fun!

About 50 of the residents, along with some of their grandchildren and staff from the retirement community, got together to recreate Taylor Swift’s uber-popular music video “Shake It Off.”

The average age of the participants is 82, and combined they have more than 4,000 years between them, but as the description for the video reads, “you’re never too old to Shake It Off and have loads of fun.”

Some of the scenes are a shot-for-shot recreation, while the residents added their own flair to some of the other bits, but one thing’s for sure – the whole thing is awesome!

Click below and enjoy!


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