We all have that one best friend, the person you can call day or night with a problem. They’ll be there for you whenever you need them. 

These bonds of friendship don’t always start in childhood; some adults meet and click right away in college or while working a job. No matter how the friends are introduced, they know that regardless of the troubles life hands them, how far apart they may end up, or how infrequent their visits and get-togethers may be, they will always be there for one another.

Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan met in kindergarten and have been forever friends ever since. Both boys love the same things.

Kamden was born with a tumor that covered his spinal cord and numerous surgeries caused him to become a paraplegic, meaning he has to use a wheelchair to get around. But to Paul, Kamden’s wheelchair doesn’t exist. While other students feared it, Paul didn’t care.

Kamden’s wheelchair is big and bulky. The size of the contraption makes it hard for the third-grader to get around. Paul hated seeing his best friend struggle in his chair. While on a field trip to a farm one day, Kamden almost fell forward out of his chair. The day was supposed to be filled with fun and animals, not fear for Kamden’s safety.

Paul decided he’d had enough seeing his friend navigate in his crappy chair. He knew Kamden’s family couldn’t afford a new wheelchair, so after the boys finished second grade, Paul went to his mother with an idea. He wanted to raise money so his best buddy could get a new chair.

Proud of her son’s thoughtfulness, Paul’s mom approved of his challenging venture. To give Kamden a custom wheelchair, Paul and his mom decided on an initial goal of $3,900, but the fundraiser quickly surpassed that amount, collecting over $6,000! 

This heartwarming story of the unbreakable bonds of friendship proves that you shouldn’t doubt yourself. We’re glad Kamden won’t have any further problems getting around. He and Paul can play like all kids love to do!

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