There’s just no getting around it – kids can be mean. Sometimes it’s completely unintentional or because they don’t know any better, but other times it’s just because they are being outright rude and unkind.

Oftentimes the best way to deal with a bully is to catch them off-guard, and this sweet little girl certainly did that!

This precious four-year-old was minding her own business at pre-school when a little boy in her class came up to her and told her she was ugly.

It’s obvious that his nasty remark hurt her deeply – when her mom asked her what happened it was hard for her to get the word out.

Thankfully, this little girl was raised with confidence and self-respect and, even though the words were hurtful, she wasn’t about to let them get her down!

Click below to see the awesome way this sweet girl responded to the mean bully:

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