Now that I’m older, I can appreciate all the things my mom did for me when I was younger to help me learn and grow. She encouraged me to figure things out on my own and let me help her in the kitchen (even though I’m sure that made meals take 10 times longer!).

When I watched this video for the first time, it took me back to those afternoons in the kitchen with mom… and put me in a fit of giggles! I keep watching it over and over and it just keeps getting better!

Little 3-year-old Josie is quite the precocious child, so her dad has made it a habit to record his funny conversations with her. In this video he asks her to explain how to make brownies, and her answer is just adorable!

“First step first,” she starts. “You get, um, one step of a cup of full water. And then the second step is to crack a… is to get a cup of oil. And then second step is to get, um… First, one step one.”

I will say, though, that after a dubious start, she gets much better, despite telling her dad that all of the ingredients will need to go in “a big, big basket.” But I still don’t know if I would want to eat her brownies, especially after hearing how she wants to cook them!

Click below to watch the darling little baker-in-training, and let us know if you decide to try her recipe for yourself!

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