Kids can do anything and make it look cute, but when they can be cute and really good at something, that is something truly special.

This adorable three-year-old was at her first feis, a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival, and was all dressed up and ready to perform in her first Irish step dance competition.

Her hair was perfectly curled and she looked adorable in her traditional Irish dress. The audience was expecting a few halting steps and a little bow at the end, but when the music started and this little girl began to dance, their jaws dropped to the floor.

Not only is this little girl adorable, she is incredibly talented too! It’s clear by the look on her face that she loves to perform, and her love of the dance comes through in her movements, even at this young age.

One commenter on YouTube who goes by the moniker Alfie Bella wrote, “I’m a world champion and when I entered my first competition I wasn’t even that good,well done”

It’s clear this tot has a bright future ahead of her if she wants to keep dancing! Maybe one day we’ll see her perform in a Riverdance revival!

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