Jessa Lavely and her 3-year old daughter, Savannah went out for a walk with the family dog in their neighborhood. Suddenly, Jessa had a seizure, and everything went black. That’s when Savannah sprang into action.

The little girl took off for the family home, where her grandparents were, fortunately, waiting inside. Crossing streets and running for several blocks, Savannah located the house all by herself and knocked on the door.

A security camera alerted her father, and he watched it all unfold from afar.

A proud Grandmother recalled what Savannah said when she opened the door:

“I opened the door and there she was and she said, ‘You need to come quickly. My Mommy fell.'”

When Jessa woke up, she was surrounded by emergency personnel. If they had not arrived quickly, she could have suffered more serious injury. Then she found out it was her brave and quick-thinking little girl who had saved the day.


“It’s surprising and then it’s not, because she’s always been an incredible child since day one,” said Jessa. “she’s been nothing short of amazing to us.”

Experts recommend that parents teach their kids to take charge in emergency situations by knowing their address and how to call 911.

In this case, Savannah fortunately figured out what to do all on her own.

She took charge and became a hero to save her Mom.

See the video from Inside Edition below:

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Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube and Facebook/ Jessa Lavely