In the face of a life-threatening emergency, some people might freeze up, paralyzed by fear and unsure of what to do. But one 12-year-old girl proved she’s the person you’d want by your side in such a situation.

Alixon Lopez Martinez’s father had already left for work and she was asleep in her bed when she was suddenly awakened by the sound of the fire alarm going off. She quickly made her way through the house to see if she could determine the cause of the alarm.

“I got off my bed and went to the living room and the couch was on fire,” she said.

Without wasting a second, Alixon ran back through the house to wake the rest of her family.

“I ran to my mom’s room and told her there was a fire and she was with the baby and my sister and I helped her exit out of the back door,” Alixon recalled.

Her grandmother had already made it outside and soon her mom, eight-year-old sister, and one-week-old baby made it out as well.

But then Alixon did something that left her family stunned. Seeing that everyone was safely out, Alixon ran back into the burning home to grab her cell phone so she could call 911.

When emergency responders arrived, they were impressed with the young girl’s heroism and bravery.

“It is heartwarming, especially around this time of year, that a 12-year old girl would have the fortitude to recognize that she would have to wake up her mother who had an infant in the same room with her,” said Battalion Chief Sean Alliger.

Sadly, the family lost most of their belongings in the fire. Thanks to Alixon, though, all of their lives were spared.

“I was in shock when I saw the fire,” Alixon said. “Thank God that I was awakened by that alarm to save my family.”

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