Eileen Ash may have been alive for more than a century, but she can downward dog with women decades younger.  The Norwich, U.K., resident turned 105-years-old this past Sunday and credits her enviable physique and sharp mind to yoga, a balanced diet and two glasses of wine each day.

“It helps your brain because you have to think and it improves your muscles,” Ash told the BBC about her love of yoga — something she has participated in for over 30 years. “You just feel fit.”

So far Ash’s healthy lifestyle has helped her avoid the dreaded aches and pains other seniors typically experience upon waking up — something, she says, she’ll allegedly experience when she’s older.

“But what is old?” The senior questioned. “I’d like to know when I’ll be old.”

Clearly, 105 isn’t too old for Ash.

The pensioner has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. She played test cricket for the England women’s cricket team during the 1930s and ’40s.  Today she participates in yoga at least once a week, golfs and drives around in a hot, yellow mini cooper.

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