A 10-year-old boy has been dubbed the “Snowflake Boy”; he trekked over three miles to school just to take an exam. His hair and eyebrows were frozen into icicles. Temperatures that morning dropped as low as -9-C.

In the year 2018, why are their children forced to walk so far just to attend school? Receiving an education shouldn’t be a struggle children face to achieve. It’s a right shared by all; we all deserve the same opportunities in life. Success shouldn’t be something attained by few.

This child could’ve been seriously injured if he wasn’t properly protected from the elements. my guess is, like many poor children, he wasn’t adequately outfitted.

Fu Heng, the headmaster at sitting his exams at Zhuanshanbao Primary School in the township of Xinjie in Yunnan Province, China took a photo of the boy as he arrived at school. The headmaster didn’t release the boy’s name. He’s apparently known as a class clown by his fellow pupils.

Mr. Fu said: “It was the first day of their final exams.

“The temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning.”

The third-grader’s living conditions are less than ideal. Mr. Fu said the boy lives far from the school. He makes the long journey to sit in an unheated classroom. The children attending the school are provided with breakfast. Mr. Fu said the lack of heating is due to low funding.

The boy doesn’t stay with his parents; he lives with elderly relatives and his siblings. His parents live in a larger city and work to bring in higher wages for the family.

When the photo was shared online, many praised the boy’s bravery and determination in getting to school. It’s so regrettable to see him so cold. With his red cheeks and frozen white hair and eyebrows. To then head inside not to a warm classroom but one unheated is heartbreaking. How can children learn in such deplorable conditions?

The poverty of this little boy is evident. No children should have to struggle to live and receive an education. I don’t know how this child concentrates. He had to be so cold and uncomfortable during his exam.

The photo of this boy is a bleak reminder of how difficult others lives are. If you have heating, food, and shelter, consider yourself lucky.